We want to inspire people to the maximum to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We do this by designing sustainable and functional sportswear for everyone and every day.

Staying healthy and making conscious choices are very important. Comfort makes this choice easier. A sustainable solution is the best choice. We make every effort to provide our clothing with this comfort using the latest techniques, without unnecessarily burdening the environment.



We create your work out garments with impeccable attention to detail and fit. Whatever the activity is that you choose. We fit each and every-body to ensure that you feel comfortable. At all times.


It is your well-being that is important to us. Mentally or physically, improve your fitness level and elevate your own boundaries step by step. We will support you getting fit.


We do not make empty promises to you. We feel responsible and therefor we act and produce only sustainable products. That is our motivation – each and every day.


We produce appealing and sustainable sportswear with a high standard of quality.
Our product is not overpriced but instead budget friendly.


We embrace you just the way you are and that is why we do not like to put an emphasize on any gender or body type “specifics”. Our products will have to do the talking for us to make you feel comfortable & confident. At all times.
Our product & fit specialists put in all their efforts to ensure that you get what you deserve.

That is our ultimate promise to you.

we are creating products That are made from

coffee grounds – dope dye – recycled polyester

We strive to avoid the exhaustion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. We therefore choose environmentally friendly solutions.


We use waste products like coffee grounds to add functional features to our fabrics. These choices reduce the amount of chemicals we use and support the recycling process.


We use the Dope Dye method to add colour to our products. Dope Dye uses 90% less water than the technique used to dye cotton, and 50–60% less water when compared to other traditional dyeing methods. It reduces CO2 emissions by 60% and uses 60% less energy and chemicals.


We promote the circular economy by using recycled and upcycled yarns made from plastic bottles or clothing that might otherwise end up as landfill.

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